Welcome To Haus of Assembly

Aidan Anais Barrow was born in Nassau, Bahamas. Every summer as a child, she would travel to Exuma and help her grandmother to plait straw and make woven handbags. At the end of each season, they would travel back to the city and sell their goods at the local straw market.
As she watched the awe and wonder at which visitors viewed their accessories, she saw the joy it brought them to take their work home with them. She realized that native Bahamian materials were special. Growing up and doing this every summer made it something that she wanted to be apart of forever.
Haus of Assembly Founder Aidan Anais Barrow 

Founded in 2016, Haus of Assembly is a Bahamian resortwear brand focused on bold prints, handcrafted products and Bahamian materials.

Inspired by the nature and the beauty of her surroundings, Haus of Assembly creates timeless silhouettes that are elevated with bold, hand-drawn graphics to capture the country’s vibrant energy. The label’s homeland is also a focus during production, with styles made by local Bahamian craftsmen to support a responsible lifecycle. Expect clean lines, sophisticated prints and a unique mix-and-match approach for an eclectic yet cohesive finish.